How to make summarized point plots in SPSS?

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How to make summarized point plots in SPSS?

Postby veetee » Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:45 pm

Hi everyone. :)

I am toying with factor analysis and extracted two PC vars that I would love to visualize for different variables in my database such as gender, education as well as some scale variables summarized by means for example.

What I would love to achieve is to obtain a mean value of PC1 and PC2 (x,y) for every group that I define, instead of getting coloured word clouds of points for each case in defined groups. So if I want to see the coordinates of gender on a 2D, I would want to get two points showing mean values of that variable for both PC1 and PC2 on a map.

Is it possible to draw such a map using SPSS graphs?

A good example of a map is drawn automatically during the factor analysis when the programme displays the input vars in the factor axes and draws only 1 point for each scale variable. How could i get the same plot, but not using the factor analysis?

I would be grateful for any answers or hints. I have been trying to experiment with scatter plots, but I could not do it. I normally use spss syntax, so I could read an answer in this way.

Regards :)

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