Output mixed models: coefficients Random effects

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Output mixed models: coefficients Random effects

Postby JLBRRMNS » Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:33 am


I'm working on a project within my company and use the module advanced statistics for it, more exactly the mixed models procedure. As one would expect when running a regression (like OLS for example) that you get in your output a table with coefficients and their significance. When running the mixed procedure I do get that output on the fixed effects of the procedure but I do not get this on the random effects of the output. There I get just a variance estimate but no coefficients or significance level. This is surprising as one has the option to save the predictions and residuals of the model. So SPSS has to calculate it somewhere but not showing in the output. Is this available in SPSS? Calculating it manually is a huge matrix calculation.

Wondering whether any of you is experiencing the same or even asked himself/herself the same question. If something is unclear plz let me know.


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