Missing values

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Missing values

Postby stat0wl » Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:48 am

I am trying to use Analyze --> Explore to give me an overview of my data set and most importantly, where it contains missing values. I have a problem in defining it or maybe I can not do what I want, idk. So here we go:

In my research I have one group (12 ppl) that underwent two treatments and during each treatment I took 6 measures. The lowest values in my data set is -0.01. Practically, there can't be negative values for what I measured. In my case, it means that what I tried to measure at a certain time point, within a certain person, was actually below the detection limit. Anyways...
I wanted SPSS to show me at which time point under which conditions do I have missing (negative) values and how many. I defined the missing values in the variable view as followed:

Range plus one...
Low: -10
High: -0.01

When I look at the output chart, it's not correct though. It reports that both treatments, at all time points contain 1 missing data. That is not true. For example, treatment 1 at time point 1 has 1 neg/missing value. During treatment 2 at time point 1 no neg/missing values occurred.

Can't I define a neg. range of numbers for my missing values? Or can't it be for values as low as -0.01?

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