Need some help with interpretation..

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Need some help with interpretation..

Postby Jennyat » Wed May 25, 2016 5:07 pm

I have an upcoming exam in cognitive psychology and instead of just reading i wanted to take a look at previous exam questions to get some practice. We will get a hypothesis and output from SPSS like this example, but my problem is that I have forgot much of what we learned in statistics class last year.

The hypothesis in this exam a while ago was "Mindfulness influences the relationship between preservative cognitions and academic procrastination in students"
With the attached image of the output, what i think i understand, is that in upper table,
Reflective pondering and brooding explains 7,0% of the variance,
Reflective pondering, brooding and worry explains 8,4%
and Reflective pondering, brooding, worry and MAAS explains 11,2%

In the middle table, all of these are statistically significant?

What I dont understand is the bottom table - I am not sure how to read it to answer the hypothesis.
Some of my notes say I have to look at the unstandardized coefficients (Beta) - 1 increase in brooding increases academic procrastination with 1.250, but this doesn't match with model 3 where Mindfulness Awareness Attention Scale (3.863, because that means 1 increase in mindfulness increases academic procrastination? If i have interpreted that correct it does not make any sense - I think in theory, mindfulness is supposed to decrease procrastination, not increase.

some of my other notes does not mention increase or decrease, but to look at the numbers in standardized coefficients (beta) for negative or positive numbers (which means positive relationship?)

What do I have to look for here?

I'm just wondering if i have interpreted anything correct, and if not, if anyone have the time to explain what to look for. I'm also curious what a negative number (Reflective pondering) in the Coefficients table (Unstandardized Coefficients B) means..

I would really appreciate all the help i can get, if even some useful links or anything at all, to help me learn this :)
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