Strange GLMM Output

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Strange GLMM Output

Postby pbertoli » Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:40 pm

Hi guys,

I'm having little problems with my GLMM analyses in SPSS.
I have behavioural data of black-lion-tamarins in captivity. I have 11 individuals that I observed for 30 days twice a day (morning and affternoon).
So my data is like this
Individual Sex Day Period Season Type of cage Group size Agonism Vigilance Behavious potentially indicative of stress Inactive (...)
M1 male 05jan morning summer big Group 0 0,3 0,1 0,1 (...)
For the Behavioral categoris I have the relative frequency of each category per day per period. So, I have the same measure 2 times for individual per day, totalizing 60 measures per individual (11 individuals x 60 measures = 660 )
I want to know if the group size and the type of cage influence the behavioral categories. So in my model I put individual as a subject, day and period as a repetitive measure. The behavioral categorie as a response variable(target), and group size/ type of cage/period/season as a predictive variable.

My output was very strange
Data structure: a table with only one individual with only one period, and with the target. I couldn't paste the table here.

Residual effect: a huge table with the residual effect (Var=period=morning/day=05jan or affternoon/day=05jan), estimate, std. Error, Z, sig, 95% confidence interval.

I don't know if my model is correct, and if it is, I don't know how to interpret this output.
Someone can help me?
If you can't understand something let me know. I can send the output to any of you by email.

Thanks a lot
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Re: Strange GLMM Output

Postby statman » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:13 pm

Please ...............
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