Excluded variables table

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Excluded variables table

Postby SuperDuper » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:26 pm

I have conducted a hierarchical multiple regression in SPSS (with questions from a questionnaire). When I add the second block in the analysis, I get a table called "excluded variables" as part of the output. It contains all the variables in this second block. The same happens with the variables in block three. I do not know how to interpret this table.

I have tried to google the problem and one site said: "At each stage of a regression analysis SPSS provides a summary of any variable that have not been entered into the model. In a hierarchical model, this summary has details of the variables that have been specifies to be entered in subsequent steps". But I still not understand what this table actually tells me: Are the variables actually excluded from the entire analysis, or are the table just telling me what variables who are included (when)?

Can someone be kind enough to help me understand this?

Sorry about my (poor) English :/

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