Suitable statistic test

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Suitable statistic test

Postby Dr_Strange » Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:43 am

I need your recommendation about suitable statistic test for the following scenario:

1. I produce Solution A (original & modified) and I want to compare their pH against a gold standard solution.

2. I want to compare the pH between original and modified solution (Solution A original vs Solution A modified)

3. I used Solution A (original & modified) to detect certain chemical in plant. In order to evaluate whether the solution can detect or not, I ask 5 persons to observe the chemical reaction on the plant and compare them with gold standard one. They need to give the following grade, "Poor", "Good" and "Excellent". I want to know whether Solution A (original & modified) is good enough as gold standard, so what is the suitable test?

I'm thinking about independent t test for no. 1 and paired t test for no 2. For no. 3, I'm thinking about weighted kappa where I combine all the grades and compare between Solution A (original) with gold standard and Solution A (modified) with gold standard.

So, is my choice of statistic test correct? or is there any better test I can perform?

Thank you

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