EFA - extraction methods - SPSS v. Stata

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EFA - extraction methods - SPSS v. Stata

Postby emil » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:02 pm

In my previous jobs I have worked with Stata. At my new job I have to use SPSS. When performing an exploratory factor analysis I wanted to check the results of the EFA from SPSS with Stata in order to make sure the results did not differ due to some default settings I was unfamiliar with.

Now what I found was that the default extraction method in Stata called "the principal-factor method" is seemingly not available in SPSS. I thought that Principal Axis Factoring (PFA) in SPSS was the same, but this does not produce the same results as in Stata. However "the principal-factor method" in Stata produces by far the most easily interpretable results that fit the a priori expected factor structure very well.

I have experimented with all the extraction methods in SPSS and I am still unable to reproduce the results from Stata in SPSS.

My Stata syntax is:

factor..., blanks(0.3) mineigen(1)
My SPSS syntax is

SPSS extracts 26 factors through this method while Stata extracts 16 (Criteria is eigenvalues>1)

So am I missing some setting? - or is there something else I am not seeing? Or is the extraction method simply not available in SPSS?
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Re: EFA - extraction methods - SPSS v. Stata

Postby statman » Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:32 pm

IMHO, be careful making software comparisons because both definitions and algorithms could, and usually are, different.

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