Error Message UNRECOGNIZED text

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Error Message UNRECOGNIZED text

Postby kalis » Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:04 pm

I am trying to recode variables with missing values and wrote the following text:
RECODE startdate.1 (SYSMIS=date.mdy(09.09.1900)).
RECODE startdate.2 (SYSMIS=date.mdy(09.09.1900)).
RECODE startdate.3 (SYSMIS=date.mdy(09.09.1900)).

Two of the commands worked: startdate.1 and startdate.3 replaced all missing values with 09.09.1900.

But for some reason the command for startdate.2 did not work. Instead I got the following message:
"Error # 4652 in column 28. Text. DATE.MDY
UNRECOGNIZED text appears on the recode command within the value specifications.
Execution of this command stops."

I have no idea what this means despite extensive searching, and so startdate.2 missing values are not changed. Can someone please help?


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