Explore Error

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Explore Error

Postby Anne » Thu Oct 04, 2007 9:46 pm

This is the error when I try to use the explore function:

An undefined variable name, or a scratch or system variable was specified in a variable list which accepts only standard variables. Check spelling and verify the existence of this variable.
This command not executed.

Ambiguous syntax: This procedure cannot distinguish between a variable with this name and a subcommand. The item is being interpreted as a variable name. If you intend a subcommand, use an equals sign following it.
The EXAMINE procedure cannot produce any of the requested high resolution charts. Generally this is because there are too few valid cases to create a chart. Other causes: There are too many values or variables, or the disk is full.

Everything I try to do with the explore function is not working. The other functions are working normally so far I know.
I already found out that something is wrong with my data, but I did not change anything and it worked before... Any suggestions? Thanks

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