How do I choose the right statistic tool?

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How do I choose the right statistic tool?

Postby Samuele21 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:16 pm

Dear everybody, thanks for accepting me to this forum.

I developed a questionnaire in order to answer my dissertantion's questions but I cannot find (neither my supervisor) the right statistical technique to use.

Briefly, I'd like to find out if "green" information in advertisements (Independent variable) has a positive impact on brand image, brand trust, brand loyalty and willingness to pay higher prices (Dependent variables).
I designed my questionnaire by including two pictures, one advertisiment which contains "green" information and the other one which does not (change of the IV). Then, I asked participants to answer 16 questions on a five point Likert-scale (4 for each DV) about their opinions.

My problem now is that I do not know how to correlate the change of greenness in the two adverts and the 4 dependent variables.
Hope you can help me.

Thank you! :D

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