Creating complex Composite variables

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Creating complex Composite variables

Postby ps00189 » Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:16 pm

I am really struggling to figure out how to create a composite variable.
This is the problem.

I have 7 variables which are categorical data. They are in particular a forced choice items. Users report they are either type A or B.
I had users report their overall preference from the 7 measures. e.g. Please state whether you selected more type A or B (so users look which they selected more of A or B)

I now want to compute a composite variable to show how strong their preference was for either A or B.
The aim is to create a variable with scores ranging from 4-7 (4 because it was there overall preferred choice and if they were really strong in that direction then the answer would be 7).

Logically what i want SPSS to compute is:

ONLY IF VAR1 =1, VAR2=1, VAR3 =1, VAR 4=1, VAR5 =1, VAR6= 1, VAR7 =1 then SUM (VAR1,VAR2,VAR3,VAR4,VAR5,VAR6,VAR7.)
then another line with
ONLY IF VAR1 =2, VAR2 =2 etc SUM VAR1 through to VAR7.

Anyone know how to do this?? :cry:
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Re: Creating complex Composite variables

Postby RubenGeert » Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:43 pm

Your question kinda puzzles me.

IF v1 = 1 AND v2 = 1 (and so on), there's no need for computing any SUM because you already know it will be 7, right?

Could you perhaps post a screenshot of your data + what you'd like to create (perhaps in Excel)? You may need to zip it in order to upload it here.

P.s. be careful with SPSS SUM as it quietly replaces any missing values with zeroes. See



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