Ordinal regression - calculating probabilities

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Ordinal regression - calculating probabilities

Postby snoopytoque » Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:54 am

I am somewhat new to ordinal regression. I am trying to figure out how to calculate the probabilities (or should I call them odds) for the covariate (independent variables). I understand this based on the "estimate", but I cannot find a clear source for interpreting this.

Second, how do I interpret this in writing. Is it accurate to say (assuming that the covariate is significant), that for each unit increase in the covariate, there is an (x)% increase in the odds that the dependent variable will increase to the next level in order? (where x is the estimate).

Thank you so much for any insight you can offer. This is the first time I have asked a question here, and I hope my use of terms are correct.

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