One group with two conditions

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One group with two conditions

Postby user12345 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:02 am


For my master thesis I am looking for an appropriate analysis for my data.

I have 1 group of participants being exposed to two conditions.

I was thinking about a t-test but that was not correct... So I was thinking about doing a non-parametric test, more specifically Wilcoxon.

Now my question is, is it possible to do a wilcoxon when I only have 1 group? Or should I think about other tests?

Thanks already!
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Re: One group with two conditions

Postby GerineL » Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:14 am

We need a little bit more information on your design to answer your questions.
Is your dependent variable similar between the 2 conditions (e.g., you measure speed on a certain task when participants are in a cold room and when they are in a warm room)?
Is your dependent variable at interval, ordinal, nominal?
Is dependent variable normally distributed?

In any case, you could search for "within subject 2 measures" to get some ideas about where you should go, if you need more help please provide more details.

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