Linear Mixed models

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Linear Mixed models

Postby euri » Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:40 am

I am finishing up my bachelor's thesis, and I am stuck with two issues. These are about Linear mixed Models.

My data set is about 5 time series which contain a discontinuity. Subjects were asked to forecast along the time series on what they would expect the next value be and ,at some point (period 33), a structural break was introduced (for example a change in the mean of the data). I would like to see how results vary,eg., DV=ERROR, across the different time series and before and after the "change" is introduced, having Subject ID as the grouping variable. These are my doubts

1. How can I graph my results? I would like to plot the interaction effect of two independent variables (type of timeseries and before/after the structural break).
2. How can I include the overall fit of the model? Is there something similar to R^2 I could use for mixed models?

Thank you in advance

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