What analysis to use

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What analysis to use

Postby ovate » Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:33 pm

Hi there

I’m really new to survey design and data analysis, so any pointers you have would be very welcome.

Via an online Qualtrics survey I will be testing user’s perceptions of 5 different styles of brand name (fictitious names). Perceptions will be elicited using measures of customer based brand equity, four measures in all, one question for each measure.

Each of the 5 styles will have 3 names to be tested (15 names all together), each name will have 4 measures, each measure represented by one question, that together create a combined value of CBBE for each brand name. So 60 questions.

The objective is to measure the relative CBBE values for each of the 5 styles of name.

I have spoken to a few people about what kind of analysis this would fall under and had varying replies, e.g. saying this falls under multivariate analysis, that it’s a cluster analyses and that this is a cross sectional survey etc etc. I’m a bit confused now about what I need to do to the data when it comes to analyzing in SPSS. And I really need to understand what kind of analysis I’ll be doing in SPSS to make sure I create the survey appropriately on Qualtrics.

Any advice about what type of analyses is required to achieve the objective would be much appreciated.

After thought: Asking each respondent to answer questions about 3 versions of each of the 5 styles may make the survey a bit too long, but randomly assigning the three names to different respondents, so that each respondent only answers one of the three would potentially make the Data Analysis way too complex for me, unless anyone has any pointers how to make that simple :?


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