Inter-rater reliability and SPSS

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Inter-rater reliability and SPSS

Postby cjfysio » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:24 am


In a study I am participating there are 10 patients which are measured by 2 raters across 3 seperate measurement occasions. We are measuring a continous variable (for those interested: active and passive hip flexion and extension range of motion in degrees) with 2 different instruments and I intend to use ICC (2,1) to calculate inter-rater reliability.

As I understand it, in SPSS I would have to create 2 columns (for the raters) of 10 rows (the patients) for each instrument and variable. However, the 3 measurement occasions are spread out in time. Therefore, for each measurement occasion I need to calculate the inter-rater reliability seperately (for each instrument and variable). This leaves me with 3 values and I want to be able to present 1 value in my report/thesis. How do I go about in determining this value?

My SPSS version is 20.0 and my OS is windows 10.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Regards, Chris

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