Lack of homogeneity of Variance in two-way ANOVA

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Lack of homogeneity of Variance in two-way ANOVA

Postby Klaro26 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 4:48 pm


I am currently analyzing my data in SPSS. Since I am testing the effect of two independent variables on a dependent one, I was planning on using a two-way independent ANOVA. (I have a between subjects design).

1. Experimental condition (2 levels)
2. Personality grouping (3 levels)

Score on a test (continuous variable)

Levene's test for homogeneity of variance came out significant and I am not quite sure what to do. I know that Welch's test and Brown-Forsythe test can be used, however I only know how to use them in SPSS for a one-way ANOVA. Can I use them for a two-way ANOVA? If yes, where do I find them? If no, is there any other solution to this issue?

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