Weighting Likert-Scale items

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Weighting Likert-Scale items

Postby summer75time » Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:11 pm

I have multiple Likert-Scale variables representing a common dimension (eg, 5 statements value labeled from 1 to 7 for the Reliability dimension, 4 statements about Responsiveness, 4 about Tangibles etc.).
I asked the respondents of my questionnaire to sort the 5 dimensions with perceived importance order (eg, 1=least important ... 5=most important),
so now I have a total sum of importance under each dimension (eg, 179 for Tangibles, 452 for Reliability ...) for a grand total score of 1635 [(1+2+3+4+5)*109 responses].
It turns out that Reliability is the most important and Tangibles the least important, with the other 3 dimensions in between.
My question is what's the correct 'statistical' way to weight my variables with that data.
I don't mind creating new weighted variables but I don't know how to calculate the weight coefficient to multiply them.
I could possibly convert them to percentage and multiply this number with my Likert-Scale variable value but something tells me this is completely wrong.
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Re: Weighting Likert-Scale items

Postby statman » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:45 am

Not really sure why you would weight the data, seems like would bias the result?

Anyway, what would your weights be like, e.g., if response is a 1 weight it by a '1,' if a 2 weight it a '3.' 4 by 5, 5 by a 7??

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