Help needed in SPSS

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Help needed in SPSS

Postby Anabelle » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:11 am

Hello !

With a friend, we have a paper to write about the fail of measures to counter the illegal downloading of music in our country, for that we wrote a questionnaire and had about 300 respondents for it. But the thing is that neither of us is really good at statistical analysis and we decided to turn to the internet for answers. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Here are the steps we did with our data base:
- A factor analysis to reduce the 15 elements (all likert scale) into components
- A Scale reliability analysis to make sure our components were reliable
- We then computed the new variables through the arithmetic mean of their items. Two principals components were created.
- We did an independent sample t-test between the two components
- Then a linear regression on those same components.
- After that we wanted to control a potential mediation of an element on this correlation through the Baron and Kenny method.
- We then did a regression analysis to test the impact of this element on one of our component
- We then did a independent sample t-test to test the impact of another element (Yes/No question) on one the same component
- And finally a one way anova to test the impact of another element (3 choices question) on the same component

Is there any step that seems wrong according to you ? If yes why cause we did try our best? :)

We are on windows 10 but don't know which version of spss we are using (college gave us the software)
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Help needed in SPSS

Postby Yousiffeccr » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:46 pm

Hi all,

I need some help with this chip, I cannot find it in the database - can anyone help with information about it?

Thanks all.

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