P values for covariate-adjusted data?

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P values for covariate-adjusted data?

Postby ruedenuite » Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:16 pm


I computed a multivariable logistic regression model for a pre-op drug's relation to operative mortality. My covariates included the drug, age, gender, bmi, operation time, and comorbidities. I then computed covariate-adjusted mortality rates. Can I determine if the adjusted rates are significantly different? i.e get a p-value or chi square? Or is this not meaningful since it is already adjusted?

How I'm presenting my data:

univariable: 7.9% mortality w/ drug vs 2.1% mortality w/o drug, p = 0.0013

adjusted: 6.6% mortality w/ drug vs 3.3% mortality w/o, p = ????

Thanks for your help.

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