urgent help needed new member here

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urgent help needed new member here

Postby umerfarooq1982 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:39 am

Hi all,
i have very basic spss assignemnt due in a few hours I know I am doing this all at the eleventh hour but now I am a bit confused so I thought that I should rather ask the GURUS

here it goes

my independent variable is nominal which is categorical
and dependent variable is interval which is continuous

I know that first i need to perform the normal distribution check here on dependent variable to go further
so i check only the skewness of the graph which is between -1 and 1 but the histogram for the interval scale is not exactly or roughly normally distributed. So any tip on that

which chart builder to use in SPSS if it is normally distributed and not normally distributed
I used bar chart is it alright?
second for the statistical analysis i used independent sample T test assuming i am right i interpreted it correctly as normally distributed. how do I read the figures ?

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