How to tell SPSS what missing values are?

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How to tell SPSS what missing values are?

Postby reveller » Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:35 pm

I have imported a dataset into SPSS from Excel. In the Excel file, not all cells contained a value (=missing value). Once imported into SPSS, those cells now contain a dot (.), as follows:

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5,6384	5,9269	     .
     .	5,6384	     .
6,0186	5,6168        .
6,0039	6,0186	4,5322
     .	6,0039	4,1564
6,1420	6,0568	     .
5,9428	     .	     .
5,5373	5,9428	     .
However, looking at the "variable view" pane, it says there are no missing values in any of the variables. How can I tell SPSS to interpret the dot (.) as a missing value?
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Re: How to tell SPSS what missing values are?

Postby Penguin_Knight » Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:09 pm

That "missing value" in the variable tag is called "user-defined missing" and if you have any value that stands for missing, you can input it there. For instance, if "I don't know" is treated as missing, and it was coded as "9", you can put 9 there.

The "." in SPSS is called "system missing." It's always considered as missing by default. If you run a frequency table of any of those variables, you should see an item called "System," that is your total number of "." and these "." will never enter any of your analyses.

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