manova: variables?

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manova: variables?

Postby quasi » Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:50 pm

i got stuck in spss. i'll conduct MANOVA to answer the question whether categories (4 actually) create a difference in terms of sexual satisfaction, marital satisfaction, and sexual behavior (two variables: number of masturbation and number of sexual intercourse). Therefore, i take categories of sexual self-schemas as dependent variables and others independent. should i make all independent categorical such as high and low? and my other question is, how can i categorize my DV?

as i said there are 4 categories and there are one factor score (general, found by subtracting negative from positive), and one positive and one negative. if someone is below median on both positive and negative subscales, she is coschematic, if someone is below median on positive and above median on negative, she is negative schematic etc. should i give numbers such as 1, 2 for categories and categorize my factor score and then comduct MANOVA?

please help.
thank you.

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