Calculating PPV for multiple diagnoses

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Calculating PPV for multiple diagnoses

Postby dwilliams » Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:31 pm

I want to calculate the PPV, NPV, specificity and sensitivity for five different diagnoses. Each case has a variable that is the preliminary diagnose and one that is the actual diagnose. I know that you'd normally create a 2x2 table with true positive, false positive, false negative and true negative but how do I create such a table from my data? I need to be able to do this multiple times so I would prefer a solution, possibly using "syntax" (?), which could easily be repeated and gives me all the values with minimum extra calculation.

I'm working in PASW 18 on Windows XP.

If this is the wrong forum for this, I'm sorry, moderators may move this to where they feel it fits best. If I've been unclear or I've left out necessary information please tell me and I'll reply and clarify as soon as possible.

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