non parametric regression in spss 20?

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non parametric regression in spss 20?

Postby drewm » Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:09 am

Hi again, sorry for two posts so quickly, but this forum seems a very suited forum to answer the above. I am trying to do a regression model as in the previous post i put up. However, my data derives from 3 sets which i did not do. i trust my phd supervisor to have done them properly but they are from different cohorts eg 2 from uni students and one from friends of his.

Anyway, i looked at p-p and q-q plots along with skewness and kurtosis and all reveals a unevenly distributed sample of n = 274

I am thinking it violated normal regression on this basis? therefore, i looked for a non-para regression. There seems to be tests but are in the program called "R" and not in SPSS.

Anyone know of a non-para regression within spss, google is not revealing much.

The overall aim is to make a regression model personality factors in the dataset to see what is happening with regards to the variance and to see what would occur if i did this on a much larger sample.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to look, i know everyone is busy in their own ways. I hope to gain more knowledge to help others on the site, but i have gaps as i am a psychology phd students as opposed to a professional statistician

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