Cumulative Logit Models for Ordinal Response in SPSS???

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Cumulative Logit Models for Ordinal Response in SPSS???

Postby drxman » Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:02 pm

Hello all! Working on my Grad study and using SPSS 20.

I have an ordinal DV being tested with multiple IV's (demographics etc)

A friend who uses SAS said I need to use a "Cumulative Logit Models for Ordinal Response."

1 - Isn't this a fancy way of saying an Ordinal Regression in SPSS?

I read that: "Ordinal logistic regression uses a cumulative logit link, setting up a series of binary comparisons between the given level or lower compared to higher levels. (Technically, the SPSS Analyze, Regression, Ordinal menu choice runs the PLUM procedure, which uses a logit link, but the logit link is used to fit a cumulative logit model. The SPSS Analyze, Generalized Linear Models, Generalized linear Models menu choice for ordinal regression assumes an ordered multinomial distribution with a cumulative logit link).

2 - And can you explain the distinction in parenthesis? Does it mean a ordered distribution of the DV & IV's? Which one is better suited?

Thank you sincerely.

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