Locating Gini coefficient when running logistic regression

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Locating Gini coefficient when running logistic regression

Postby nikko » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:59 am

Just started in a new firm where SPSS is the only software available for prediction modeling and building scorecards. Since I have mostly used other types of software (i.e., Portrait Miner, SAS EG, etc) when working with such tasks earlier, I am struggling to find the Gini coefficient when running a logistic regression (i.e., churn prediction analysis) prior to building a scorecard. Can someone help me locating the Gini coefficient, or do I need to upgrade my current SPSS software? In Portrait Miner, the Gini coefficient is presented immediately in the output’s interface, but I fail to locate the Gini coefficient in the SPSS output.

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