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Postby rockythiru » Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:29 am

I have a SPSS project. I would like to take help in completing the project for me.
The project is to create a statistical model with the multivariate normal distribution.

I have the huge recordings for two days.that has to be processed and model has to be formulated as per the document provided. (I have the document on how to process the data and how to model with data), since the project is done with VBA before, now it has to be done with SPSS.

the model should have wind velocity function of three direction (x,y and z) and time.
similarly model should have wind direction function of three spacial direction (x,y and z) and time. "

the models (multivariate normal estimation, testing reression model, running average, weighted running average ) are to be used....

First data as to be processed and then analysed...

then we have to create all the models as listed in the project document ......

If anyone is interested to help me in this, I would send the data file and report file for more clarification.

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