Regressor Variable Hull (RVH) computation

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Regressor Variable Hull (RVH) computation

Postby manu1784 » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:39 am

This is my first post in the SPSS forum and I would like to say a "hi" to all of you there

I am working on a Linear regression based model and I would like to conduct some extrapolation. I came to know through internet that one has to be cautious to extrapolate output using Regression models as it may give erroneous results if the model is extended too much in unknown territory for which results are not available experimentally.

However, it does talk about something as a Regressor Variable Hull (RVH) which is a k diemnsional ellipsoid and extrapolation from fitted regression model can be extended to only those x for which data is not collected and belong to RVH

Now is there a procedure to compute such a region by SPSS or has somebody done such an analysis before. ?

Much appreciate it.



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