Pretty desperate Mixed ANOVA help

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Pretty desperate Mixed ANOVA help

Postby Kier_F » Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:15 pm

Hey all. If this has been answered before, apologies but I couldn't find it. I have been asked by my boss to run a mixed ANOVA on SPSS even though I have no SPSS experience whatsoever. I think I'm close but I'm still not really getting the results I want.

4 technicians have tested a material over 25 days, to give 150 data values (some tested more than once per day).

I want to run a mixed ANOVA (day - random, technician - fixed) to give me the total variance so that I can assign limits around the mean of the values. I have already done it simply using +/-2 standard deviations so just want to compare results with an ANOVA.

So, all I need in the output is 1) Rundate variance, 2) Technician within rundate variance and 3) Residual variance
4) Total variance.

Any tips would be most welcome. I have set up my columns as Operator (with 1-4 labelled)/Result (continuous)/Date (random). I have been trying to use GLM univariate ANOVA so that I can plug in my fixed and random variable but as to the options after that I'm stumped.



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