repeated measures Mancova (?)

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repeated measures Mancova (?)

Postby crispy90 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:48 pm

Hi everybody,
at the moment i'm busy analyzing my data for my masterthesis.
My aim of the study is to examine the moderating role of executive controle on a cognitive bias modification interpretation training.
my variabeles are:
executive controle (covariate)
time (within subject factor 1)
statements (within subject factor 2)
group (between subject factor)
The two within subject factors are combinated, so you have to take both of them in the analysis.

To answer my question, the interaction between those 4 variables is important. Yet, I don't know how to set up an 4-way interaction in spss.
I tried to do a repeated measures MANCOVA with the variables, but it is not possible for me to get a 4-way interaction, even though i chose it by "models and costum".

Is here anybody who can help me to find the good analysis or a way to get a 4-way interaction?

Greetings from Germany

edit: sorry for my bad English, my native language is german and i'm writing my thesis in dutch, so my language skills are a little bit confused at the moment ;)

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