Scatter plot - how to edit scale axis properties?

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Scatter plot - how to edit scale axis properties?

Postby mike1 » Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:18 pm

I am new to SPSS v21 and having trouble with the chart editor. I want to edit the tick labels of the x and y axes of a scatter plot so that they are round numbers (10, 20, 30... 100) instead of the default values: I would also like to change the scale type from linear to log. I am using numeric data values.

I followed the procedure on SPSS help (Help > Core System > Editing Charts > Exploring Data in a Chart > Scale Tab), but when I select 'element properties' in Chart Builder and select my axis, the 'axis scale' tab does not appear: Also, I am unable to select the 'fit line' option, only add 'interpolation line'. Where am I going wrong?!? Thanks!

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