SPSS for pricing analysis

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SPSS for pricing analysis

Postby looking2learn » Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:34 pm

I have list of thousands and thousands of products for my few biggest competitors, whether it is defined as a cheap, medium, or high quality product, and what machine it fits, and how old the machine was

Is there a way to plug this data into spss and figure out my competitors pricing strategy? Im guessing some type of cluster analysis?

Basically, Things i could see being present but i dont know how to find is:

1) if any of my competitors have a pricing strategy in regards to the specific machine fit or machine year.
2) if any of my competitors are using any type of spread between their cheap, medium, and high quality brands. basically, for one machine, they are likely to have atleast 3 parts. one of each quality. sometimes they will have 2 high or low quality parts for a machine. so there is some overlap.

anythign else you think i can gain from this infromation?
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Re: SPSS for pricing analysis

Postby statman » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:21 pm

So you have something like this, item example:

Medium Price, IBM450 (the machine), 25 (years old)

And you have this for thousands of products?

If reading you right - "Lots of luck" While a CA might offer some relationships, the type of data (measurement level), most likely will hinder its effectiveness

Also, ....
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