Help with setting up a 3 way ANOVA

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Help with setting up a 3 way ANOVA

Postby Lingy94 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:39 pm

Hi, I am an Engineering student, for my dissertation, I am looking the effect of additional lights on a motorcycle on peoples judgement of speed.

I have been in contact with a researcher that I am working with, and have agreed on using a three-way repeated measures ANOVA on SPSS.

I have 12 participants giving me 18 speed estimations. The motorcycle went at 3 pre-determined speeds, with 3 different lighting configurations with 2 different viewing times (How much time they have for looking at the motorcycle to make a judgment).

I want to see the effect of these 3 independent variables has on the participants speed estimation.
I also want to repeat this for another dependent variable, gap acceptance.

I tried setting it up myself but unsure if I have done it correctly.
Could somebody help me with checking and help with my next steps?


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