NeuralNet Forecast -- Modeler CookBook sample

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NeuralNet Forecast -- Modeler CookBook sample

Postby rogerZebra » Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:43 am

Hi, I'm struggling with a forecast script that I found in a modeler cookbook, it should be easy to solve but this was away too long ago i did these type of things.

Error message i get it this: Expected a number in the range of '1' to '0' but found '1'

The script determine the number of rows to be forecast and read the value in to a local variable (num_recs) and iterate the score from a neuralnet model, after each succesful scoring it runs a new row to be scored. The result is a 7 day forcast.

I would appreciate if someone could take a look at it asap, due to short timeframe(that is tomorrow, friday), that would be soo much appriated.
Here is the script piece. Thx in advance

Code: Select all

var num_recs
var idx

execute rec_count_table

# count the number of records to be forecast
set num_recs = value rec_count_table.output at 1 1
clear outputs

for idx from 1 to num_recs
	# generate forecast one record at a time
	execute forecast_data_overwrite

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