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Postby SBRIERLY » Tue May 19, 2015 11:12 am

Hi guys!
I am very new to SPSS - I have a research report and I need help with starting it, because I am just so stuck right now.
I am suppose to do a univariate (can be bivariate also) analysis of the research question: "What major trends have occurred in crime and convictions in NSW (Australia) since 1990?", with the broader research topic of "crime and convictions in NSW".

So because it is a 2000 word report, we can't use regression models, and he would like us to focus on a particular area of this topic so I was thinking on focusing on "Assaults".

My question/s is/are: I have 21 variables to choose from in my dataset he has provided to us, so it has the variable "Year" (from 1990 to 2013), and then he has variables as "assaults, murders, sexual assaults" etc, naming the different types of crimes, and then the other variables are the "rates" of each previous crime listed.

So are these ALL numeric variables? The year, the type of crimes, the rates of crimes?
Everytime I try to do a frequency table or descriptive statistics table it gives me repeated number in frequency of "1" and the numbers just repeat themselves all the way down the column, like it might say "4.2%" for every single variable in the percentage column.

What am I doing wrong? I understand how to analyse things, but my numbers are coming out all crazy and I know it's because I'm missing something fundamental and it could be as basic as what type of variable I am dealing with.

I feel like I need to use Pearson's correlation because, ideally, I wanted to use statistics on "alcohol consumption" and see if there was a correlation between the consumption of alcohol and rate/number of assaults. But is that too much? I am still open to just analysing the data he has given but I don't know where to start at all.

Please help me, I have been trying for days and researching but no one can answer me or they just redirect me to things that have nothing to do with my situation right now.

I really hope someone out there in the online world can point out what's happening!

I'll add some photos of what I am talking about so it makes some kind of sense - in the dataset I had already attempted to add in the "Alcohol consumption" variable, initially I thought that was what was confusing my data, buttttt even when i exclude it, i am just as confused. :((((((((((((((((((
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