Trying to practice my SPSS skills but need help.

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Trying to practice my SPSS skills but need help.

Postby SeanB » Tue May 19, 2015 8:15 pm

Hi there.

I want to analyse some stats from a board game I've been playing. (While i'm out of uni and still looking for work I need to sharpen my SPSS skills ;)

The game has got 8 expansions which can be played in various combinations, IE you can mix expansions (1,3 & 6 as an example) to make the game more challenging or you can play with just one expansion at a time.

I want to measure that data for the outcome ( win or lose) and get suitable graphs. So far I keep making variables with serveral levels (IE I have a colum for "expansions" which you select a number to choose which one) , but how do you calculate it when you can mix the levels (IE more than one expansion at a time) Can anyone help?

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