Generalized LM for proportion dependent variable

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Generalized LM for proportion dependent variable

Postby kosta » Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:52 pm

Hello I am a newbie I SPSS but I need to conduct an analysis for my work and I have been trying that for days. Please any help is much appreciated. I have a dependent variable which is a proportion (invisibility) and two independent variables. A categorical "map resolution" and a scale "number of observers". I am tying to see how the invisibility changes when I use maps of different resolution for the specific number of observers. I constructed Map resolution to two new variables so as to have my 3 categories as binary. I need to know how can I transform my proportion to numbers between 0-1 with logit transformation and how can I input them in Generalized LM to get my results. Thanks very much in advance.

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