Moderated Mediation - How to build the variables?

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Moderated Mediation - How to build the variables?

Postby yologer » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:41 am

Hello friends of statistics and SPSS :)
first of all I want to apologize for my bad english skills!

I have to make study and to calculate a moderated mediation (PROCESS).

My Design:

IV-1: social status of person (low/high)
IV-2: public vs. private shown behavior of the person,
Mediator: attribution about the motives of the person,
DV: assessment his behavior

I have to examine the relation between two independed variables, the mediator and the depended variable.
My experimantal subjects have to judge about the behavior of a person, who has a different social status (high/low) and different behavior type (behavior shown in public or in private) and the overall assessment of the behavior (good/bad).

I have written 4 scenarios (i.e., low status/private, low status/public, high status/private, high status/public). SPSS shows me four manifestations (i.e., 1 = low status/private, 2 = low status/public, 3 = high status/private ...)

My question: I have no clue how to calculate and to build the variables and the moderator variable.

Do I have to create two variables? Like:
Variable "status": 1 = (low status/private) and (low status/public) ... 2 = (high status/private) and (high status/public)
Variable "public": 1 = (low status/private) and (high status/private) ... 2 = (low status/public) and (high status/public)
Afterwards build the moderator: status x public ???

Thanks for helping :)

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