Categorical variables in a logistic regression

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Categorical variables in a logistic regression

Postby ameliabk » Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:09 pm

I am doing a research project on the determinants of whether or not someone receives a flu shot.

My dependent variable is binary where it = 1 if the person has had a flu shot in the past year and 0 if they did not.
I am confused about how to set up my independent variables.
For example, if I have a variable about whether or not a person has diabetes. My variable = 1 if the person has diabetes, and 0 if they do not. When I go to enter this as a categorical variable in SPSS, I select indicator variable.
What I would like to clarify is which dummy that SPSS creates becomes the reference.
I assume that if I have 0=no diabetes and 1=diabetes and select the reference category as "first" that I am comparing people with diabetes to people without. So, if I have an odds ratio of 1.08, then people with diabetes are 1.08 times more likely to get a flu shot than people without diabetes. Is this correct?

Thank you for any help you could give!

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