Quartiles and critical values

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Quartiles and critical values

Postby tatr1400 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:55 am

I'm having trouble actually understanding this question and my lecture is responding to emails or calls.

SPSS can also be used to find critical values. Use transform/compute and then mark the
“function group” “inverse df” so that you can find available distributions in the “Functions
and Special Variables” box and by moving this into the “numeric expression” box where
you have to specify distribution parameters and the corresponding probability. Generate
critical values on the 95% level from the following distributions and present them in your
i. Standard normal.
ii. T distribution with 20 df and 450 df.
iii. Chi square distribution with 5 df and 50 df.
iv. Uniform distribution with a=3, b=10.
v. F distribution with (4,20).
For the last part of this exercise we need the following function: Use transform/compute
and then mark the “function group” “CDF & Noncentral CDF” so that you can find
available cumulative distribution functions in the “Functions and Special Variables” box.
Make use of Cdf.Normal to solve vi.
vi. Find the probability P(−1.96 < x < 1.96), where x is standard normally

What exactly am i suppose to show???
The distribution on a histogram???

I created the variable at the 95% level giving me 1.64 using the below code
TRANSFORM/COMPUTE/”FUNCTION”Inversse df/idf normal
NORMAL (0.95,0,1)

But what now???

Thanks in advance for any help I can get

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