Moderator Effect

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Moderator Effect

Postby Snadder » Tue May 31, 2016 9:54 pm

Hello Everybody,

I've some troubles making a analysis in SPSS and I hope that you can help me out.

Independent variable: Formality (ranges from 0-15)
Dependent variable: Performance (ranges from 0-25)
Moderator: Firm Size (small or medium-sized)

My teacher told me to use a linear regression model.

So, I did the following.

Created moderator effect by multiplying firm size with formality.

Analyze > Regression > Linear
Filled in: Dependent variable : Performance
Independent variable: Formality and Firm size (box 1) and Moderator effect (box 2)

And then: OK

Is this the right analysis?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards,

Sander de Boer

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