Get handle SPSS, AMOS and help to edit data to run Cronbach’s alpha, EFA, Regression, CFA, SEM ...

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Get handle SPSS, AMOS and help to edit data to run Cronbach’s alpha, EFA, Regression, CFA, SEM ...

Postby jsadams » Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:37 am

Hello friends!
I’m currently receiving mission to help and edit the data as the research subjects using SPSS and AMOS software.
- Get support, consulting, research proposed model and questionnaire design.
- Support for data entry (or create a new set of data) and edit the data as required and results are compatible with practical, easy to explain, reasoning and offer solutions, oriented.
- Specialized data processing on the parts Cronbach alpha, EFA, Regression, ANOVA Inspection, CFA, SEM.
- Support and guide the interpretation of results and practice runs through the software SPSS Teamview. Maybe you learned many places but I'm sure you understand from 20-40%. And I guarantee that after his meeting specific instructions directly through Teamview software, you can understand the figures in SPSS it says anything, and running SPSS is easy. (Teamview is a software easy to use and very popular in the array support linking and intuitive interaction between the personal computer, the installation and use of its software will be specific detailed instructions should you do not know there is no need to worry).
- Support for all problems in the course of post, ensuring interaction until your report and will answer most of the questions of professor-related assignments.
- Support slide design intuitive reports, presentations and research abstracts.
- Any personal information about you and your research topic will be guaranteed privacy.
For further information please contact: +84-1645914268

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