Multiple cases in one cell

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Multiple cases in one cell

Postby emcdow39 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:37 pm


I want to run simple stats (frequencies and such) on a data set that has multiple variables represented in one cell. The number of variables in the cell are represented by a "count" column.

For example:

specimen count material size unit level
a1 3 A 10-20 2 1
a2 7 A 20-40 2 1

For a1 there are 3 artifacts that all have the same conditions, so they have been combined and as such are represented by one cell (split into 3 cells they would display as duplicates).

When running counts and frequencies, SPSS treats each row as a separate case, so for material the count would come up as 2 instead of as 10. Is there a way around this? or do I have to go into excel and separate the data into duplicate values?

Any insight is appreciated!

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