How to open a syntax file (which program?)

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How to open a syntax file (which program?)

Postby ErikBM » Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:18 am

Hi all

Have a problem (pretty simple i think) but annoys me a lot

The problem is that I tried to open a syntax file with Notepad (to see the syntax in a time where SPSS was not installed due to installing Windows 10) - I then accidentally pressed "open always with" - so the default option disappeared
´- And now I can't find the correct program to open it with again :(

Before I could just click on the syntax file and it opened and could be used directly on the open SPSS files. The only program I can find now however is "SPS File" which opens the syntax, but with its own (empty) SPSS file - and when I close that one down it closed the syntax down as well - so can’t use it on the right dataset SPSS file (its linked to the empty one)
- Found out that it can work with me opening the syntax from inside the correct SPSS file (file-open-syntax), but that is just an additional step I would like to avoid (opens and closes a lot of syntaxes) :)

So my question is just this: What is the correct program (the default one) to choose to open a syntax file on its own with? (right click: open with - what?)

Hope you can help :)

Thanks a lot

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Re: How to open a syntax file (which program?)

Postby statman » Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:51 pm

The correct program is SPSS but really not clear as to your intentions

Also ...........................
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