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Postby Mindfulme » Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:09 pm

Hi, please could you help me with the following two scenarios, to decide which ANOVA to run and what design it is (how many levels). I would extremely appreciate help on this!!

1. A sport psychologist was interested in the relative effectiveness of three therapy techniques for treating fear of injury when taking part in a sport. A sample of individuals (N=30) who displayed a moderate fear was obtained. An equal number of participants wer randomly assigned to one of the three therapies (Treatments A, B or C) and participants fear of injury after therapy was measured on a sclae of 0-10. I need to conduct the appropriate statistical analysis to identify whether there are any sig differences in participants reported levels of fear after the three therapies.

2. A sports psychologist conducted an experiment that examined the extent to which different personality types were affected by different levels of distraction in a motor performance task. Individuals (N-18) were selected to equally represent two different personality types, typ A and B. Type A personality type is usually associated with competitive individuals who try to do well at a task. Type B are less competitive. having been assigned to different personality grouping participants then performed a monotonous motor task in both quiet and noisy conditions. The dependent measure was the amount of errors the participant made in 5 minutes whilst engaging in the task. I need to conduct the appropriate statistical analysis to identify whether the total number of errors committed by the two personality types is moderated by the level of distraction (quietErr and NoisyErr) present during testing. Any help would be extremely appreciated............ Thank you!

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