Help with graph

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Help with graph

Postby tab0rda » Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:34 pm

Hey everyone.
First time user here. I'm doing a little study for college where we got the time spent on exercise weekly before and after medschool. As the time is in classes (0h; 0-2h;...;+14h) we used the wilcoxon test. That was easy, our p was 0,000 so we can refute the null hypotheses. The problem is we need to, also, present the data in the form of a graph. As the only variables we have are hours_before and hours_after I can't create a box plot with hours on the y and the before and after groups on x.
The data are repeated measures, same group, just before and after.
So I need help, should I use another type of graph, if yes which one and how, or do I need to make changes to the way we set our variables. I'm really lost here.
Thank you all in advance

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