Using control variables with linear regression

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Using control variables with linear regression

Postby hughlle » Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:22 pm

Hi everyone.

I apologize in advance if I come across as a complete and utter novice, but that is what I am. I'm currently working on my undergraduate dissertation and students have essentially been told here is SPSS, good luck..

I am conducting fairly simple research, 1 IV (flexible working), 1 DV (job satisfaction), and 1 moderator (leader-member exchange), along with a handful of control variables (age, gender tenure etc). I've managed to make progress through various (slightly vague and confusing) tutorials, and have gotten as far as conducting a linear regression. That all seems to have gone well, but upon talking to my dissertation supervisor, he reminded me to include my control variables in my regression, but did not expand on this.

Do I add all control variables into the IV box of the linear regression box, or do I conduct a regression with one variable at a time? Or am I way off the mark and am meant to do something different. I'm also reading conflicting information about the need to standardize control variables for regression analysis, while other sources of information are suggesting that I cannot use a control variable in a regression analysis at all..

Sorry for being so vague and clueless, but I'll take any advice anyone is kind enough to offer


edit: I'm running SPSS v23 if it is of relevance.

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