Plotting – logistic regression, chi square

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Plotting – logistic regression, chi square

Postby Nogitsune » Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:42 pm

Hi! I have two plotting questions.

1. I'm trying to understand how I can plot hierarchical logistic regression in SPSS or alternatively in Excel after exporting the data. I have 3 models and would like to make the plot for the final one. All the variables (dependent and independent) are dichotomous (hierarchical binomial logistic regression).

2. This question is about plotting chi square results. The dependent variable is dichotomous, but not all independent variables are. Naturally, I will be making several plots, but I would be thankful for a simple explanation on what is the process. For now the only examples I've seen included ordinal or continuous dependent variables, which makes it easier.

Thank you!

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